GreenWaste Recovery MRF to Double to 80 TPH Capacity : Five BHS Max-AI Robotic Sorting Systems Part of Major Upgrade at San Jose Recycling Plant

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Californian waste and recycling firm, GreenWaste Recovery Is to upgrade its Material Recycling Facility in San Jose with the installation of the latest sorting technologies from Bulk Handling Systems (BHS), including five Max-AI™ Autonomous Quality Control (AQC) units.

Eugene, Oregon based recycling equipment specialist, BHS, explained that the 40 tonne per hour facility was originally commissioned in May 2007. The following year it was awarded SWANA’s 2008 Gold Award for Recycling Excellence. More than 10 years later, GreenWaste has again turned to BHS as it bids to double capacity to 80 tonnes per hour.

The new two-line system includes three NRT SpydIR® optical sorters and four Max-AI AQC units work together to create a completely autonomous container line. To maximise recovery, a Max-AI unit with dual robotic sorters operates on the last-chance residue line to recover plastics, metals and paper.

To increase sizing accuracy while decreasing contamination, BHS Tri-Disc™ screens will replace an antiquated trommel screen. Also included in the new system are BHS Bag Breakers®, Nihot Single Drum Separators, BHS Polishing Screens, and a NRT FiberPure™ optical sorter that targets fiber or plastic film

“Our Material Recovery Facility in San Jose is one of the most innovative processing facilities in the world, capable of sorting and recovering 98% of recyclable materials and 75% of trash for a total facility diversion rate of 88% for household and commercial waste,” said GreenWaste CEO Frank Weigel.

He added that over the past decade the existing recycling equipment has to operated beyond its designed throughput rates.

“Adding capacity and new NRT and Max technology will really boost our performance. The new technology is exciting for our team and our stakeholders; we’ll be able to increase our diversion rates while adding the necessary capacity to accept more material,” Weigel concluded.

BHS's Managing Director of Max-AI, Rich Reardon added: “In 2008, GreenWaste was the first MRF in the country to embrace modern mixed waste processing. Today they are on the leading edge of autonomous sorting. We look forward to delivering a Max solution and the next chapter of excellence.”

In the video below engineers from BHS explain the capabilities and advantages of Max-AI

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