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Baling presses : HSM presents groundbreaking Solutions at IFAT 2024

Bailing Presses at IFAT 2024

Thanks to its particularly low and compact design, the new HSM V-Press 860 max C enables materials to be pressed in storage areas or rooms with very low room heights of 2.40 m. Since the cylinders are mounted on the side, completely new application possibilities are now available for trade and industry. Marketable bales with weights of up to 430kg can therefore be produced even in areas with low ceilings.

Additionally, HSM is proud to exhibit the HSM V-Press 610 P, which has been developed specially for the compression of PET (polyethylene terephthalate). PET is one of the most widely-used plastic materials and is a material which also presents a challenge to the recycling industry. In addition to its vertical balers, already available for pressing PET, HSM now has an efficient solution for compacting smaller amounts of PET bottles and packaging. Thanks to the smaller space requirement of the machine, it is now possible to reduce the material volume, even if there is only a small amount of storage space available. PET can be easily invalidated and compressed into compact bales with a weight of up to 60 kg. This not only saves storage space, but also optimizes the transport and recycling process.

In addition to the innovations mentioned above, HSM will be presenting its customary wide range of products including the largest and most powerful fully automatic channel baling press in its range – the HSM VK 15020 with variable cross strapping. HSM is the only manufacturer with a full range of robust and economical baling presses in its portfolio – vertical, horizontal and fully automatic. This means HSM has the optimum solution; whichever material has to be processed, in whichever volume and whatever the local circumstances are.

You will find the HSM GmbH + Co. KG stand in Hall B.5, Stand 251/350

About HSM:

For over 50 years, HSM has been manufacturing baling presses “Made in Germany” for industry, trade and the recycling branch. All machines are produced to the very highest quality standards in HSM’s three German factories which have an unusually high vertical range of manufacture.