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Veolia : Hubgrade: smart monitoring from Veolia

Hubgrade: smart monitoring from Veolia
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Using the power of data and the most advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies trained with our worldwide operational expertise, we tailor specific solutions to support our clients for their ecological transformation journey, whether it's decarbonization, depollution, or resource saving and regeneration.

Our experts collaborate with our clients, cities, industries and commercial companies, either onsite or remotely from the Veolia Hubgrade Centers (smart monitoring). Their expertise are augmented with digital services and artificial intelligence, to enhance, every day, operations carried out with our customers to co-create innovation that fulfill every needs.

Digital solutions, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and human expertise

The Future of Environmental Resources

In a world driven by data and innovation where corporations seek to accelerate ecological transformation, we're thrilled to introduce Hubgrade, a groundbreaking digital offering that redefines the landscape of environmental resources. Hubgrade is more than a solution. It's an evolution, fusing the power of data and advanced AI technology with the expertise of world-recognized specialists in the water, waste and energy fields to decarbonize, regenerate and save resources and depollute our planet.

The Power of Dual Nature

Hubgrade is a unique combination of two worlds – the digital and data driven performance world and the world of human expertise and excellence. This dual nature sets Hubgrade apart, empowering our customers with an unmatched offer: digital solutions and data analytics along with an international team of experts partnering with them to customize and address specific and local needs. The result? An environmental resource management solution that is globally tested and locally adapted, innovative and highly effective.

The Environmental Resource Management reshaped

At the heart of Hubgrade's capabilities lies its ability to transform the management of crucial resources – water, waste, and energy. Harnessed to the power of data and digital technology the Hubgrade offer delivers not only high-performance operations but also co-creative solutions. The fusion of our experts' wisdom with advanced algorithms and solutions ensures that every challenge our clients face delivers a successful outcome as well as an opportunity for innovation.

Digital solutions for Industries, Municipalities, and Commercial

Whether they are a forward-thinking municipality (smart city), a cutting-edge industry, or a dynamic commercial or service enterprise, Hubgrade is designed for each specific client. Our unique offering transcends sectors, bringing tailor-made solutions that cater to their specific needs.

Hubgrade provides our clients with globally tested solutions based on world-class experience backed by scalable solutions and the expertise of experienced international professionals.

Hubgrade is not just an integrated offer or a product, it’s a strategic partner that understands the local realities and global aspirations and can support our clients in their journey of ecological transformation.

Join the Hubgrade Transformation

For those ready to change the way they manage environmental resources. With Hubgrade, innovation is your ally. Data and expertise converge to create solutions that inspire growth and sustainability. Join us in shaping a world where environmental resource management is not just a necessity, it is a choice of performance and environmental protection.

Veolia operated about 60 Hubgrade monitoring centers in over 20 countries worldwide, with a community of more than 450 experts and data scientists.