Waste2Tricity & Powerhouse Energy on Track in Far East : Japanese Ministry of Economy Trade Backs Plastic Waste to Hydrogen Tech

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The Japanese Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry (METI) has formally endorsed UK technology firm, Powerhouse Energy’s, DMG plastic waste to hydrogen and electricity process

Waste2Tricity, the exclusive developer for Powerhouse Energy’s DMG process in Japan, explained that it had been in talks METI for some time. METI is responsible for the development of a hydrogen strategy in Japan, regulates the industry, and provide subsidies towards achieving low-cost hydrogen road fuel.

In a letter addressed to PowerHouse Energy and Waste2tricity dated the 8th July, METI stated that it is supportive of the technology and views it as a ‘major competitor within the low-cost production of hydrogen.’

According to Waste2Tricity, the Ministry for Economy, Trade and Industry has said specifically in a written statement:

"We have been invested in the development of a Road Map for Hydrogen Infrastructure for Japan since 2014. Our belief if that hydrogen energy is the true key to opening the door of a new energy source and we aim to create a market where hydrogen energy is a self-sustaining business.

“On that note, we would like to congratulate you on the development of your Distributed Modular Gasification project, we would like to extend our support and acknowledgement of the technology.

“Based on the concept and its many environmental advantages, we view it as a major competitor within the low-cost production of hydrogen and of incredible value to the promotion of energy transition and decarbonisation process around the world. We look forward to seeing the adaptation of DMG plants around Japan and the rest of the world."

The company also notes that on its website METI states that the department has “advanced efforts to achieve Hydrogen Society placing hydrogen as a zero-carbon-emitting energy source. On the way to this goal, Japan considers that it will be able to contribute to the world through the dissemination of hydrogen-energy technologies.”

W2T said that its vision is to take the world’s problem with unrecyclable plastic and turn it into a solution; aiming to ‘turn off the plastic tap into the ocean’ to ultimately clean it up.

The company was established in 2008 and is a project developer and operator in the energy from plastic sector. It has the exclusive right to use to PowerHouse Energy’s technology to turn waste plastic into hydrogen, which can be used for transport fuel.

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