Waste Plant Completed for Tom White Waste in Record Time : Kiverco Completes 100,000 TPA Material Recycling & RDF Plant in Coventry

kiverco tom whites waste recycling rdf
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Northern Irish recycling equipment manufacturer, Kiverco, has completed the installation of a new 100,000 tonne per year material recycling and RDF production facility for Tom White Waste Ltd in Coventry.

The plant has been designed to process mixed waste with the option to recover key products for recycling and to process the residual waste into an RDF product, which is baled, wrapped and sent for energy recover.

Family Business

Tom White Waste was originally founded back in 1981 when Tom White struggled to secure adequate waste services for his other businesses. Since then, the business has grown and in 1988, White’s sons Ian and Paul joined the business.

Today, they run the company as joint managing directors. The company operates in the Commercial, Industrial and Domestic market sectors and covers an area of 30 miles radius from their facility in Coventry.

The challenge

Around a year ago the brothers realised that the company needed to develop significant additional waste processing capacity, both to service their present markets and to take the business into new market segments such as the production of Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) whilst also keeping strict environmental control.

The conclusion? Build a brand new, high specification building to house a new, high performance recycling plant.

To achieve this the firm turned to Dungannon based Kiverco, which has been involved in the £10 million project from the beginning and worked with the waste firm to optimise the solution both to handle the existing workload and ensure sufficient future capacity.

The Plant

Material coming into the plant is fed directly to a primary shredder, to reduce volume and liberate material, giving a homogenous product of approx. 300mm particle size.

From the shredder it is conveyed to a trommel with two different screening apertures -40mm and 150mm.

The -40mm fraction is collected beneath the trommel and conveyed beneath a Steinert in-line magnet to remove ferrous metals. From here material is fed directly to a Spaleck flip-flow screen to remove -10mm fines to a bay beneath.

The 10-40mm material is fed directly from the flip-flow screen to a Kiverco density separator which produces a clean heavy fraction and a light fraction suitable for ise as RDF.

The 40-150mm midsize fraction from the trommel and the oversize fraction are conveyed in parallel to two Walair density separators – at this point there are a series of bi-directional conveyors which allow the both the midsize and oversize to be blended together to run one line at a reduced capacity, thus increasing the customer’s overall annual availability, during routine maintenance periods

The heavy fraction from both density separators is combined and conveyed beneath a Steinert cross belt magnet to remove ferrous metals. This heavy fraction is then conveyed through a sorting cabin where operatives can recover products or remove any remaining contaminants to leave a clean heavy fraction

Finally, the light fraction from both density separators is conveyed through parallel sorting cabins where operatives can recover products or remove materials unsuitable for the final RDF product.

Planning Ahead

Ian White, managing director, Tom White Waste explained that the company has a 10 year history of working with Kiverco and the company was first choice for the new project.

“In a business that cannot easily stop when work overwhelms you then, robust and efficient plant is a must,” he said. “The uptime of our existing Kiverco plant has been outstanding and is supported by great service, parts and support.”

John Lines, sales and marketing director at Kiverco added White was very clear with the requirements for the plant from the outset.

“He needed the necessary technology incorporated into the plant to ensure high throughput and maximum flexibility to operate the plant according to changing market and customer requirements,” he commented.

He also noted that the plant was been designed, built, installed and commissioned by Kiverco in record time.

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