Regualtions and Supply & Demand Big Opportunity for Critical Material Recycling : Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling Patent Application from American Manganese

American Manganese lithium ion batter elv ev recycling critical materials patent.
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American Manganese Inc. has had its US patent application for its Lithium-Ion battery recycling technology published - Process of Cobaltous Sulphate/Dith-Ionate Liquors Derived from Cobalt Resource,.

The application is published under publication no. WO2018/089595 and is available for viewing and downloading on WIPO's website HERE.

The product application discusses the Company's hydrometallurgical process for the successful recycling and recovery of cathode materials such as: lithium, cobalt, nickel, manganese and aluminum from lithium ion batteries.

“Publication of the patent process takes us away from the area of a ’black box’ technology and now discloses the underlying process, which we believe will assist the Company in moving forward with potential partnerships,” said Larry W. Reaugh, C.E.O.

In its recent Business Plan the company noted that Some of the cathode metals necessary to a lithium-ion battery (cobalt, lithium, nickel, manganese, and aluminum) are projected to be in short supply and major manufacturing companies are investing billions to secure these metals.

Additionally, it said that governments are also advocating strategies to ensure such metals are sourced reliably in an environmentally friendly manner. AMY believes that the answer to sourcing sustainable, ethical, and environmentally friendly battery metals is with the Company’s lithium-ion battery recycling technology that has been recognised by global institutions.

The company concluded by adding that increasing metal prices, decreasing resource availability and environmental regulations becoming stricter, ownership of this intellectual property creates a significant global opportunity for it.

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