Bath, UK Based Firm Expects to Quadruple Revenue

New Premises for Advetec as Interest in Extremophile Technology for Organic Waste Grows

Advetec organic waste bio thermic digester extremophiles bath
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Bath, UK based Advetec, a specialist in rapid thermal organic waste reduction using extremophile micro-organisms, is to move to new 25,000 square foot (2300 square metre) office, laboratory and warehouse facilities on Bath’s Charlton Business Park.

The company said that the move will allow it to meet growing domestic and international demand.

New staff and investment are expected to see the Advetec group quadruple its turnover in 2016 and be on track for expansion in 2017 achieving a company turnover of around £30 Million.

The company recently launched its next generation RapTOR (Rapid Thermal Organic Reduction) system, a high temperature in vessel solution for digesting organic content in difficult to handle mixed solid wastes and trommel fines.

Advetec added that it is gearing up for expansion following a pipeline of new orders and a series of international strategic partner agreements with waste management companies. These include the establishment of strategic offices in the US, the UAE, India and Asia as well as distributors in Spain (Iberospec) and Italy (ETT).

“The new laboratory space in particular will enable us to continue our understanding of extremophile bacteria strains and the bio-stimulants we use to enhance their biological activity and how we optimise these for different organic waste streams,” explained Craig Shaw, CEO at Advetec. “ Our long association with the University of Bath makes it an ideal location.”

In addition to new facilities, the company said that employee numbers have also increased by 15, strengthening key business areas including technical services, engineering, operations and R&D.

In the last twelve months 17 new posts have been created with plans to recruit a further 15 positions by the end of 2016 including three apprentices from September.

High Demand

According to the company, strong customer demand is resulting in enquiries and orders from US food courts and food manufacturers, along with hospitality companies, European municipal waste and waste water companies such as SUEZ, all looking at reducing food waste, mixed solid waste (MSW) organic fines and sewage sludge.

The company said that a new Bio Thermic Digester (BTD) is going to Italy, and the Spanish and Portuguese distributor Iberospec is trialling the technology for regional sanitation and wastewater operators to digest dehydrated sewage sludge in Spain.

Advetec attributed the growing interest in its technology to zero waste to landfill targets and high haulage costs have left few options for many organisations dealing with organic waste, especially more complex organics and mixed waste streams that are unsuited to conventional AD processes.

The Rapid Thermal Organic Reduction system or ‘RapTOR’ is said to provide an onsite solution for rapidly digesting organic waste at source, in turn significantly reducing waste disposal and transportation costs.

“With growing international interest, and organisations as diverse as US food courts to Spanish Water utilities queuing to trial and deploy our technology, we have quickly outgrown our old premises,” commented Shaw.

Remote Control

According to Advetec advanced remote telemetry means that it can now offer a complete managed service for customers, operating a machine 24/7 anywhere in the world, from its facility in the UK to ensure the process is fully optimised at all times.

This was said to be a significant benefit for customers who may not have the expertise or resources to manage the machine other than maintaining the feedstock. In addition, Advetec is now offering lease rental agreements.

The company said that it is already operating machines in the Middle East and the US directly from its UK facility.

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