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IFAT 2024 : Partitalia, interconnected IoT solutions for PAYT at IFAT 2024

Ecological operator with Discovery Mobile 3 0 Partitalias wearable device for waste collection
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Partitalia, Italian tech company with advanced expertise in the Waste Collection sector, develops innovative solutions using state-of-the-art technology. The aim is to optimise collection and improve the quality and traceability of waste deliveries, thus contributing to a significant reduction in environmental impact.

From 13 to 17 May it will be an exhibitor at IFAT Munich 2024 - Hall 5, Booth 104 -, the world’s leading trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management.
In Munich, Partitalia will present its IoT ecosystem for waste collection, consisting of a series of IoT solutions for PAYT (Pay-As-You-Throw), a system in which the waste charge varies according to the amount of non-recyclable waste produced. These solutions are interconnected and transmit data to the Cloud via a 2-way communication protocol.

Device-cloud 2-way communication

2-way communication is the distinctive feature of Partitalia’s waste collection solutions: this approach enables remote monitoring between devices and the Cloud and the running of the diagnostics of RFID readers and smart locks in real time, allowing immediate detection of any malfunctions.

It also enables the management of white/black lists and anomalous readings, as well as the remote update of the Cloud. The data collected are reliable and certified in Blockchain.

RFID readers for door-to-door collection and smart locks

To simplify and improve the management of collection operations, Partitalia proposes two types of interconnected IoT solutions: RFID readers for door-to-door collection and controlled access solutions for waste deliveries, based on the use of smart locks.

RFID readers include wearables, such as the Discovery Mobile 3.0, the evolution of the first wearable device for Waste Collection, with a new design, high-performance UHF antenna and increased sensitivity. Discovery Mobile 3.0 is ergonomic and does not change the way the waste collector works, allowing automatic, hands-free reading of UHF RFID tags positioned on bags and bins.

And the vehicle RFID antennas, BlackIP and WhiteIP, with high and low power respectively: stand-alone and ultra-resistant, they are designed for installation on collection vehicles and are ideal for harsh outdoor environments prone to dirt.

Controlled access solutions
limit bin opening or entry to the recycling centre to authorised citizens only by means of a smart lock, a system consisting of a lock and a control card for data transmission to the Cloud.

Partitalia’s innovations include ID-access, a two-way e-lock for street bins, and Eco-Access 3.0, a controlled access system for recycling centres, designed to manage up to six e-locks. Both solutions provide for different user identification procedures: web app, RFID badge, electronic identity card or national services card - thanks to integration with an RFID reader and an optical reader -, leaving the citizen with a wide range of options.