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Reduction of pollutant emissions : Scheuch is driving forward CO2 capture technologies

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The Scheuch Group has been involved in the separation of emissions for more than 60 years and supports industrial concerns in their efforts to optimise environmental protection on the way to CO2

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As a leading company in the field of air and environmental technology, Scheuch offers a range of solutions for flue-gas cleaning. Scheuch is now focusing on the implementation of CO2 capture technologies in industry and consolidating its position as a leader in environmental protection.

The environmental technology pioneer Scheuch, based in Upper Austria, is currently working intensively on the implementation of various technological processes for CO2 capture in projects for industrial customers. Especially because it is clear that CO2 capture promises to be one of the most effective means in the short and medium term of reducing CO2 emissions in the industrial sector.

Scheuch's upper hand: Air cleaning know-how

“More than 60 years of experience in the field of flue gas treatment has given us a head start in adapting CO2 capture technologies to the needs of our industrial customers. The removal of pollutants in even the smallest concentrations is crucial for effective reduction of CO2 emissions and requires a great deal of expertise. This is one of our core strengths and secures us decisive advantages in the overall process”, said Heinz Autischer, COO of the Scheuch Group.

  • Heinz Autischer, COO of the Scheuch Group
    “We are committed to technologies that promote a sustainable and carbon-neutral future.”

    Heinz Autischer, COO of the Scheuch Group

CO2-neutral solutions for every industry

By combining gas pre-scrubbing and downstream CO2 capture, Scheuch will be in a position to offer tailored solutions for every industrial sector. “We are proud of our contribution towards the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, hence minimising the environmental impact of industrial processes. The technologies developed by Scheuch open up new perspectives for companies that want to reduce their environmental footprint without compromising their profitability. We support all industrial sectors in their endeavours to achieve CO2 neutrality”, added the COO.

Several processes with great potential

Scheuch is currently working with customers on various technological processes for CO2 capture. These include adsorption technology based on fluidised bed and fixed bed processes in cooperation with the chemical industry, and the absorptive caption of CO2 by means of amine scrubbing - a joint project with partners from the cement and energy industries. “For us, the necessity of close cooperation with customers and international research initiatives is self-evident. We are a sought-after partner in this context and can leverage our expertise to make positive contributions and develop innovative new products”, explained Autischer.

About Scheuch Group

The Scheuch Group is a family-owned business whose goal is to make a positive impact to protecting the earth and local communities with sustainable technologies for air pollution control. For more than 60 years, the Upper Austrian company has been working to reduce particulate matter and emissions form the air by means of extraction, dust removal, conveying and flue gas cleaning. These technologies and others also reduce noise and odors that are produced during the manufacturing process. In addition to serving the industrial minerals, energy, metal, wood-based materials, glass and wood industries, the core business also includes service and components. Customers can leverage all or any of the services the company delivers from sales, project management, design, research & development, manufacturing, assembly, commissioning, and after-sales service. Today, the Scheuch Group and its more than 1,500 employees and subsidiaries across the globe, is regarded as a leading international environmental technology company.

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