International Organisations Gather to Discuss Biowaste

Second International Conference on Organic Waste Held in Moscow

moscow russia biowaste organic waste compost anaerobic digestion International Conference on Organic

At the recent Organic Waste Management: Experience and Prospects conference in Moscow over 120 Russian and international participants discussed organic waste management.

The event is the annual platform for professional discussion on waste management and promotion of technology and equipment. It was supported by international associations including European Compost Network (ECN), Renewable Energy Association (UK) and Italian Composting and Biogas Association (CIC).

Issues of organic waste management in agriculture, animal husbandry, poultry farming, sludge sewage and solid municipal waste were discussed, as well as technologies and equipment for disposal, neutralisation and placement of organic waste, best available technologies and processing equipment, as well as international cooperation in organic waste management.

“The importance of managing our biowaste sustainably has never been greater than now,” commented Jeremy Jacobs, Technical Director and Head of the Organics Recycling Group at the Renewable Energy Association (REA) in the UK.

“This industry has the opportunity to mitigate the impacts of farming and resource management on climate change, as well as providing valuable soil amendments in the form of compost and digestate. Compost when added to soils as a nutrient source and soil conditioner in the agricultural arena also assists in sequestering carbon,” he continued.

Alberto Confalonieri, Chair of the Technical Committee at the Italian Composting and Biogas Association (CIC) added: “More than ever, biowaste recycling plays a key-role towards the put in practice of a European Society based on the Circular Economy principles.

“Producing compost that goes back to soils to grow fresh food, and biomethane that feeds the vehicles for collecting waste are clear examples.”

The event was organised by Paradigma Centre for Vocational Education (Russia) and curated by the Journal of Industrial Ecology (Russia), Municipal Solid Waste magazine and relevant Russian ministries.

Following the conference, recommendations will be sent to relevant Russian state bodies responsible for waste management. In particular, these will highlight the need for a clear definition of the basic terms in normative and legal documents, including "organic waste" and "biodegradable waste," as well as requirements for their management.

Next year’s conference will be held in early 2020. More information can be found HERE

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