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Event : The world’s Battery Recycling business is meeting at ICBR 2024

ICBR  2024

ICBR 2024 remains the pinnacle of innovation in Battery Recycling, gathering experts and decision-makers for nearly three decades.

Switzerland's efficient battery collection system channels over 80% of household batteries to BATREC via the INOBAT system, including Li-Ion batteries, showcasing their environmental commitment. BATREC leads the charge in hazardous waste treatment, recycling, and comprehensive client support. BATREC's latest mechanical plant for lithium battery recycling underscores their dedication to sustainability, while LIBREC pioneers material recovery from production scrap, warranty returns, and end-of-life batteries, achieving an impressive 97% recovery rate. LIBREC's upcoming Swiss production plant, supported by Aurubis, sets a new standard for sustainable battery recycling, with plans for European expansion. They spearhead a greener, Come and meet them and the other most sustainable battery recycling companies at ICBR 2024.