Three Waste to Energy Facilities to be Built in Teheran, Iran

01 March 2011 Iran is to build three waste to energy thermal power plants in its capital city, Tehran according to reports in Kayhan International. The waste burning facilities will deliver power to three parts of the city from locally sourced waste. The equipments needed to commission the plants will be transported from Germany and Italy over the next five months. Construction and installation will reportedly take three months, with a further three months planned for testing and synchronisation. The first of the three facilities will burn 300 tonnes of waste every day, and produce a 2 MW of electricity for the eastern part of Tehran and will use the waste from the same area. The Tehran authorities also reportedly intend to sign contracts to build two more facilities by the end of the Iranian year - March 21, 2011. The next two power plants will serve the western and north western part of the city. Tehran will provide 70% of the financing and the other 30% will come from a private company.