Alupro Study Reveals Under Reporting of True Figure : UK Aluminium Packaging Recycling Rate Underestimated by 10,000 TPA

Alupro waste aluminium recycling
© Alupro

A study commissioned by the Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation (Alupro) into the UK’s ‘real’ recycling rate for aluminium packaging in 2015 has revealed that over 10,000 tonnes of material went unreported.

According to official figures the UK’s recycling rate for all aluminium packaging hit 55% in 2015, up from 48%.

However, Alupro added that the estimated recycling rate for aluminium drinks cans has reached 69%, up from 60%, but the figures could be even higher, according to a study commissioned by Alupro.

It also noted that according to packaging waste recovery data recently released by the Environment Agency the “business” recycling rate for all aluminium packaging exceeded its 2015 target (49%), reaching 76,027 tonnes.

The research conducted to determine how much aluminium packaging is reprocessed or exported, beyond that reported by reprocessors/exporters accredited to issue packaging recycling notes (PRNs), revealed at least 10,000 tonnes of qualifying used aluminium packaging did not go through the PRN system in 2015.

This was said to mean that an estimated 86,200 tonnes was actually collected for recycling, equating to an overall 55% recycling rate for 2015. The study was commissioned by Alupro and undertaken by independent environmental consultancy, Resource Futures.

“Meeting ambitious EU recycling targets and making the circular economy a reality is the responsibility of the entire supply chain, and will require long-term commitment and involvement throughout the materials sector,” commented Rick Hindley, executive director of Alupro.

The study was commissioned by Alupro and undertaken by independent environmental consultancy, Resource Futures.

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