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PlastiLoop : Veolia accelerates in circular economy with PlastiLoop, the new worldwide offer for recycled plastics

Plasti Loop
© Veolia - Christophe Majani D'Inguimbert

Veolia launched its new PlastiLoop offer at K 2022, the World’s No.1 Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber, held in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Backed by over 30 years of experience in plastics recycling, Veolia sets itself as a forerunner by creating the first worldwide integrated circular polymers platform. PlastiLoop enables its customers to source recycled plastics thanks to a structured application-driven range of polymers addressing their specific needs. Therefore, PlastiLoop provides a pragmatic response to the growing number of industries willing to shift to recycled plastics, and thus cut their carbon footprints and take action to save resources.

This brand-new offer is made possible by Veolia’s extensive network of experts and its 37 plastic recycling plants around the world. It provides its customers with a large variety of high-performance ready-to-use recycled resins: PET, PP, HDPE, PS, ABS, LDPE, and PC. These circular resins can be fed into production lines in multiple industrial sectors, including Packaging, Textiles, Agriculture, Home and Appliances, Automotive, Industrial and Logistics, Building and Construction.

Veolia’s offer is customised to meet its customers’ needs and can cover all or parts of the global plastics recycling value chain: waste collection, sorting, washing, compounding and production of ready-to-use circular polymers. These circular polymers allow clients to cut their environmental footprints with no compromise on product quality.

Estelle Brachlianoff, Chief Executive Officer of Veolia, comments: "The new PlastiLoop offer brings together all our technical and commercial expertise in recycled plastics to provide our customers with the best possible support with customized solutions. It offers the strength of the Group, through its experts and its various recycling plants, to ensure the best access to recycled plastic deposits. Choosing recycled plastic not only saves resources but also achieves a considerable reduction in CO2 emissions, up to 75% less than virgin plastic. As a global champion of ecological transformation, through this offer, Veolia is creating more outlets for recycled material and promoting the structuring of this sector worldwide."

A global leader in plastics recycling with 37 plants worldwide, Veolia produced about 476,000 metric tons of circular polymers in 2021 and has increased its global recycling capacity fivefold since 2016. It aims to reach 610,000 metric tons of recycled resins delivered by 2023.