Plastics Converters Call for Focus on Returning Economy & Society to Normality

VIDEO: EuPC Urge Delay on Single-Use Plastics Directive Until Pandemic Eases

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With the pandemic wreaking havoc across Europe, not only on national economies but also on societies, communities, EuPC, the EU-level trade association of European plastics converters, is calling for the Single-Use Plastics Directive to be postponed until the situation normalises.

In a recent interview with France 24, EuPC Managing Director Alexandre Dangis, said that the organisation had “published open letter sent to the European Commission” in which it “advocated that the implementation of the Single-Use Plastics Directive as well as any non-essential regulatory initiatives in the Member States should be put on hold until the situation in Europe has normalised.”

“The industry now needs this stability to be able to continue all its efforts to fight the pandemic and avoid bankruptcies and job losses,” he added.

According to the organisation, plastic products which protect are crucial in the fight against the COVID-19 crisis in Europe. Medical devices and personal protection equipment are being produced with all available capacities, and are only the most obvious examples of how plastic products help to fight the pandemic.

A closer look reveals that many more applications are making important contributions to the functioning of our society and economy in this crisis.

From anti-bacterial vinyl flooring in hospitals to cleaning equipment and packaging for soaps, disinfectants, and food, EuPC said that plastics are needed to help to fight the pandemic. Especially plastic packaging is extremely important to secure the functioning of our supply chains for food and other essential goods that could have been broken up during this crisis.

In additional efforts, companies not previously involved in the manufacture of personal protection equipment or medical devices are changing their production lines to provide these much-needed goods.

Alexandre's interview can be viewed below.

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