WMW Video Highlights from IFAT 2016

VIDEO: New Mobile Ballistic Separator from AMUT ECOTECH Launched at IFAT 2016

AMUT Ecotech SBS201 Ballistic Separator IFAT recycling
© AMUT Ecotech

Italian manufacturer AMUT ECOTECH exhibited some of its best equipment at IFAT 2016, including the versatile new SBS201 single stage mobile ballistic separator.

In a video interview with Waste Management World Antonio Morona explains some of the key features of the SBS201, a hook-lift unit that can be easily transported and installed where required. It can be added to existing lines or used as a standalone piece of equipment for onsite separation by companies processing waste materials, without installation in a permanent plant.

The SBS201 ballistic separator works on different density and physical characteristics of the inlet flow material to obtain 3 different fractions: a small flat fraction (polyethylene film, paper and cardboard), a rolling and heavy fraction (containers for liquids and packages having hemispherical shape) and a rejected fraction (mixed material for rejection having passed through the holes of paddles).

The standard configuration can be adapted according to the input material physical characteristics or desired output (separation of 2 or 3 fractions) by simply adjusting the inclination or the holes size.

For more information www.amutgroup.com

Waste Management World's video interview with Antonio can be viewed below.