Dell, GM & Others to Keep Plastic Waste Out of the Oceans : VIDEO: NextWave Consortium to Boost Recycling of Ocean Bound Plastics

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© Bo Eide via Flickr

A consortium including Dell Inc. and General Motors has launched NextWave, an open-source initiative to scale the recycling of ocean-bound plastics into packaging and products.

The Lonely Whale, an NGO dedicated to bringing people closer to the world’s ocean through K-12 education, consumer campaigns and market-based solutions will convene the group.

The NextWave consortium anticipates that its members will divert more than 3 million pounds of plastics from entering the ocean within five years, the equivalent to keeping 66 million water bottles from washing out to sea.

NextWave members will share responsibility in the development of a sustainable model that reduces ocean-bound plastic pollution at scale while creating an economic and social benefit for multiple stakeholders.

In addition, the group will ensure that the resulting supply chain has the infrastructure and support necessary to meet demand as well as align with globally approved social and environmental standards.

Finally, the initiative will confirm the integrity of the supply chain and resulting product integration through chain-of-custody compliance and external, third-party verification of impact.

Dell said that NextWave will actively engage scientists and advocates working with marine litter and ocean health to advise on a sustainable model that supports the needs of coastal communities and environments.

The initiative is supported by UN Environment, with private sector partners invited to sign up to the Clean Seas campaign as part of their commitment.

A video explaining the initiative can be viewed below.

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