Andy Vasque Recycles a Variety of Materials to Create Designer Furniture : VIDEO: Project CONS Creative Recycling – From Skateboard to Stool

Cons Project recycling reuse andy vasque
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A project to encourage more people to be creative with reuse and recycling being run by clothing street wear firm, converse, has published a video in which designer and skateboarder Andy Vasque explains how he recycles end of lift materials such as skateboards to make furniture.

Vasque makes functional objects in wood and concrete. These objects take the shape of furniture, household items, planters, and skateable objects like coping, parking blocks and ramps.

“I set out to make things that are interesting to look at, but are also very practical and functional,” explained Vasque. “With that being said, I’m inspired by a range of things and fields in art, design, and culture. Skateboarding has shaped my aesthetic and the way I think the strongest.”

“I taught two CONS Project workshops in 2014, and in March 2016 I’ll be teaching the Creative Recycling project again, this time in Chicago,” he continued “We’ll be making stools out of used skate decks.”

To see how Vasque sets about turning a skateboard into a designer stool check out the video below.]

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