Citi, CSA Invest in Biofuel Firm Voli Petroleum

VIDEO: South African Waste Cooking Oil to Biodiesel Project

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Conservation South Africa (CSA) has published a short film looking at its investment in a new, small-scale waste cooking oil to biofuel company in South Africa.

The not-for-profit organisation is focused on helping society to adopt a more sustainable approach to development, one that considers and values nature.

By 2020, the South African government is pursuing the goal of an environmentally based low carbon approach to economic development (including energy, job creation, and poverty alleviation).

CSA supports a number of initiatives in South African “hotspots” which is said create important demonstrations and learning opportunities for greening economic development at a range of scales.

Along with Citi, CSA has invested in the establishment of a new biodiesel company, Voli Petroleum.

Based in Bizana in the Eastern Cape, Voli makes diesel from used cooking oil.

The diesel the company makes is 1 Rand cheaper than regular fuel and requires no adjustments to the vehicle when used.

The video looking at the project can be watched below

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