Envipco Reverse Vending Machines to Return 10p for Bottles & Cans : Viridor Takes Charge of Collections in Scottish Bottle Deposit Trial

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Somerset, UK based waste and recycling firm, Viridor is working with the Scottish Grocers Federation and a reverse vending machine manufacturer on a three-month deposit return scheme trial in Scotland.

The company, a part of the Pennon Group (LSE: PNN) said that it will be responsible for the collection function of the trial, which is aimed at boosting recycling and reducing littering.

The Scottish trial, starting in February, will see customers of the three stores receive 10p for every empty plastic bottle or can returned to Nisa Bellshill, Premier Broadway Oxgangs and Keystore Moredun – all members of the Scottish Grocers Federation.

“The key to boosting Scotland’s recycling is reflected in Viridor’s Right Stuff, Right Bin campaign,” explained Viridor Local Authority Contracts Manager Hugh Booth. “The more recycling we can capture, the greater the opportunity we have to achieve the circular economy goal of ensuring the material is reprocessed and put back in the economy.”

“We see real opportunities in focusing efforts on ‘on-the-go’ materials to complement kerbside local authority collections. This is all part of our message that the key to responsibly dealing with our waste is to see it as a resource which has a value and not rubbish,” he continued.

Booth added that the trial would provide valuable information on the quality and quantity of material which can be achieved through deposit return schemes with insight into the public’s response.

“This will help all stakeholders to understand how to best engage communities so that everyone benefits from the project,” he said.

John Lee, Head of Public Affairs for the Scottish Grocers Federation, said: “These trials will give us invaluable learning and insight into deposit return, particularly how shop staff and customers respond to having a reverse vending machine sited in-store. This learning will ultimately help us develop and implement a system which is effective for retailers, consumers and communities.”

Bob Lincoln, President of equipment manufacturer Envipco added: “Envipco is delighted to be supporting the Scottish Grocers Federation stores’ trial of our reverse vending machines. In Scotland, we know the importance of convenience stores to the retail sector and want to do all that we can to support grocers manage the implementation of the deposit return scheme, with the end goal of increasing recycling rates and reducing littering.”

The stores will involve their local community in the trial, and will give customers the option to support local fundraising campaigns instead of collecting their 10p deposit per container.

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