Farmers Deposit Over 9500 Scrap Tyres at Cecil County Central Landfill : Waste Agricultural Tyre Recycling Success in Maryland

tyre recycling maryland

An agricultural waste tyre collection event at the Cecil County Central Landfill in Elkton, Maryland, saw over 9500 scrap tyres weighing an estimated 259 tons (234 metric tonnes) collected from 80 Cecil County farmers.

Organised by the Solid Waste Management Division (SWMD) of the Cecil County Department of Public Works, the initiative was conducted in conjunction with the Maryland Farm Bureau Inc., Maryland Environmental Service (MES), and the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE).

The SWMD explained that Cecil County farmers that met the eligibility criteria as determined by the Farm Bureau were able to dispose of passenger, light truck, and agricultural tyres at no cost to the farmers.

The tyres were chipped into rubber mulch by the County's tyre recycling contractor for use as an additive in asphalt pavement, as mulch in gardens and sustainable landscaping, and as a surface for playgrounds, among other uses.

MDE reimbursed the County for disposal and other associated costs, while MES managed the program on behalf of MDE.

"Farmers have historically had many uses for old tyres on their farms, and many have accumulated large stockpiles over time,” explained said Scott Flanigan, County Director of Public Works. “It is no longer environmentally acceptable for farmers to bury or even stockpile excessive amounts of tyres on their property, and we were pleased to be able to work with the Farm Bureau, MES, and MDE to provide Cecil County farmers with an environmentally responsible way to dispose of their excess tyres."

Flanigan added that the SWMD does much more than just operate the County landfill.

"This is yet another example, along with Household Hazardous Waste Day, medication disposal, sharps disposal, and various recycling programs, of the myriad services that Solid Waste Management Division provides to residents of Cecil County," he said.

The SWMD added that similar agricultural scrap tyre collection events have been or will be conducted in other Maryland counties.

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