Energy from Waste, Biowaste, Medical Waste & Cleaning Contracts : Waste to Energy Deals Among 20 French Contracts Worth €1bn for SUEZ

PRODEVAL SUEZ biogas anaerobic digestion waste to energy investment

French environmental services giant, SUEZ, has announced the signing of some 20 contracts with revenues of around €1 billion including the operation of a number of waste to energy facilities.

The Group said that the new contracts, all coming in the first half of the year, represent a strengthening of its activities in France where 30,000 employees are already implementing renewed resource management practices and supporting its customers in adopting a circular economy.

SUEZ added that while it develops solutions to meet regional challenges and issues including the supply of clean drinking water, is also optimises waste collection and sorting so for recycling.

The contracts include:

Operation of the Rambervillers waste to energy plant in the Vosges department and the powering of a new heat network. Evodia has signed a 25-year contract with SUEZ worth a total of €225 million, including total investments of €59 million for the modernisation of the plant and the powering of the new heat network. The facility will process 77,000 tonnes of waste from all over the Vosges department.

The public service delegation of the waste to energy and materials unit awarded by the SICTOBA1and the SIDOMSA2 (South Ardèche). The 20-year contract, worth a total of €80 million, includes the design, construction and management of the future recovery facility, due to come into service in the spring of 2020.

Operation of the Passage d’Agen household waste incinerator (UIOM), with an annual capacity of 32,000 tonnes, awarded by the Agen local authority for 15 years and worth €60 million in revenues. This contract provides for works to improve the working conditions of employees, the sale of steam to an industrial site and the production of electricity for the site’s self-consumption. In a second stage, the site could be connected to supply energy to an urban heating network.

Support of Bordeaux Metropole in its urban cleaning contract (€10 million; 5 years) in the historical centre, which is the busiest district of the city. The Group developed a tailor-made solution, including the collection of residual household waste, collections from voluntary drop-off sites and cleaning services (roads, urban furniture, fountains, billboards, cigarette butts). This participating service, favouring a sustainable territory, will allow the city to become one of France’s top destinations, while making the cleanness of the district more visible and optimising costs.

Waste treatment of the Paris hospitals, AP-HP (100,000 agents providing healthcare to 10 million inhabitants). This 4-year contract, worth a total revenue of €8 million, provides for the treatment of 12 different waste flows for the hospitals of Cochin, Rothschild, Bicêtre, Necker, Pitié, Trousseau, Hôtel Dieu, etc.

Management of biowaste and industrial waste for the Rungis international market, under the terms of two contracts. The first covers biowaste management, with a new service for the collection of more than 4,000 tonnes per year (€2.8 million; 4 years). The second provides for the management of 5,700 tonnes per year of industrial waste (plastics, cardboard, polystyrene, etc.) produced by the contracting authority’s equipment (€2 million; 7 years).

Marie-Ange Debon, Senior Executive VP of SUEZ Group, in charge of France, Italy and Central Europe commented: “Cities and industries are increasingly concerned about reducing the environmental footprint of their activities, and we take great pride in helping them to achieve this.

“Every year, SUEZ recovers more than 7 million tonnes of waste as materials and energy, produces more than 3 million MWh of green energy and 1.8 million tonnes of secondary raw materials.”

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VIDEO: SUEZ VP on Company’s Waste to Energy Strategy

With four new waste to energy plants in Europe processing an additional 1.2 million tonnes of residual waste, SUEZ will recover energy from over 9 million tonnes of waste this year.

€5m Site Remediation Project for SUEZ in Amsterdam

SUEZ has secured a €5 million contract to support Amsterdam in its urban renewal project for 2 years by transforming the former industrial zone into a new public area, including the recovery of hazardous wastes.

New SUEZ JV to Collect & Recycling Office Waste in France

French postal company, Le Groupe La Poste, has teamed up with environmental services firm SUEZ to create a joint company for the collection and recycling of office waste in mainland France.