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Webinar : Why Choose SOLVAir® rather than another solution?

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In the event of a peak, Energy from Waste operators just need to inject higher quantities of sorbent into the raw gas, and in less than one second, the reaction captures the pollutants. With competitors’ solutions, the product must be injected in advance, generating a higher consumption of sorbent as well as higher quantities of residue to process.

Sodium bicarbonate offers the advantage of high reactivity within a large range of moisture contents and temperatures. Thanks to these properties, our bicarbonate process avoids both the injection of water for cooling and the reheating of the flue gases upstream of a DeNOx catalytic device (SCR). It works in all contexts!

Waste to Energy facilities are often located in urban areas, therefore operators tend to look for flue gas treatment solutions that are as discreet as possible. SOLVAir®’s solutions don’t require much physical space, and what’s more, they enable reduction of the visible plume. Because of this, SOLVAir® solutions contribute to the overall social acceptance of waste to energy plants.

Additionally, thanks to the saved energy which is no longer required for flue gas reheating, combined with the optimization of heat recovery, the marketable energy output is higher in comparison to other processes. The recovered energy can also be used to produce electricity and/or steam for district heating or in industrial sites. In both cases, SOLVAir®’s solution can significantly contribute to increasing Energy from Waste facilities’ long term economical sustainability.

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