Promotion Follows 1yr Stint as a Max-AI Specialist and 6yrs with Nihot Recycling Technology : Remi Le Grand to Lead BHS’s Max-AI Recycling Robot Sales in Europe

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Eugene, Oregon based recycling equipment manufacturer, Bulk Handling Systems (BHS) has appointed Remi Le Grand to the position of Regional Sales Director for with responsibility for the Max-AI® sales team and business development in Europe.

BHS explained that Max-AI technology is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) that identifies recyclables similar to the way a person does and directs sorting equipment, including robotic and optical sorters. Launched in 2017 the company said that the system increases product quality, automation and intelligence in recycling facilities, and quickly gained acceptance throughout Europe and around the world.

Prior to joining Max-AI in 2018 as Regional Sales Manager, Le Grand spent six years in sales with BHS-subsidiary Nihot Recycling Technology based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

“Max-AI technology has had a great deal of success in Europe, particularly with customers that want to lower operating costs in existing facilities,” said Le Grand. “It’s been a pleasure to work with these breakthrough solutions that have already made such impactful results to our customers’ businesses, but have yet to scratch the surface of what’s possible. Max-AI technology will continue to influence our industry in meaningful and positive ways. I look forward to building our Max-AI team and delivering intelligent, effective and profitable solutions to our customers throughout Europe.”

“Remi has a proven track record of delivering successful solutions that encompass a broad range of recycling equipment,” added BHS VP of Sales and Marketing Rich Reardon. “His holistic experience in recycling systems and deep understanding of our AI and robotics offerings make him the perfect fit to take Max-AI to the next level in this region. Our Max-AI product line continues to expand in exciting ways that control more equipment and enhance total system intelligence, and we think our customers in Europe are going to benefit immensely. We are ramping up and are fortunate to have Remi leading the charge,” Reardon concluded.

BHS recently launched the Max-AI AQC-C, a collaborative robot (CoBot) for quality control sorting that is designed to work virtually anywhere a manual sorter can. Unlike a person, the AQC-C is available every day to work multiple shifts with consistent performance.

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