4250 MWh Produced in First Year of Operation : VIDEO: On-Site Farm Waste to Biogas AD Success in Cambridgeshire, UK

Allpress Farms EnviTec Biogas UK biogas anaerobic digestion
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Since installing an anaerobic digestion plant from EnviTec Biogas UK, Horseway Energy, which was set up in December 2014 to operate the biogas plant Allpress Farms in Cambridgeshire, has generated 4250 MWh of electricity.

According to managing director, Nick Allpress, as the facility celebrates its first anniversary, it is on course to pay for itself within eight years.

He said that the diversification from the regular farming business has paid strong dividends.

The plant is fed each day with 50 per cent maize and 50 per cent leek and onion waste and the digestate - the organic bi-product of the AD process – is being used as fertiliser.

“Moving into anaerobic digestion was a big decision for us, but we’ve seen significant benefits in the year since we launched the project,” he added. “We’re well on course to meet our financial targets and return on capital is running with initial predictions.”

“Converting waste to energy has also helped us to become much more efficient across our business,” he continued. “It has really worked very well for us and we can look back on the last year with a degree of satisfaction.”

The 2500-acre Allpress operation produces leeks and onions for supermarkets as well as wheat, maize and sugar beet.

“Our day-to-day activity produces a lot of waste and we wanted to make use of that. We also wanted to diversify, so we saw AD as the perfect fit,” said Allpress.

A video case study looking at the project can be seen below


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