Nimmi Damodaran

About Nimmi Damodaran Dr. Nimmi Damodaran is an environmental policy professional with more than 30 years of analytical and project management experience in municipal solid waste management, climate change mitigation, and stratospheric ozone depletion. She has conducted workshops and trainings and presented at multiple national and international forums, including those organized by the International Solid Waste Association, the Climate and Clean Air Coalition Waste Initiative, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Global Methane Initiative, and the Sardinia Waste Symposium. Dr. Damodaran’s work covers key areas of waste management including minimization and prevention, collection and transportation, organic waste management, recycling, dumpsite management, energy recovery, and sanitary landfills. She focuses on technical, policy, and financial barriers and has coordinated with stakeholders in multiple countries (e.g., India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Ghana, and Serbia) to improve solid waste management by helping develop and implement work plans, developing communication products, and conducting trainings. Dr. Damodaran holds a PhD in public policy from Carnegie Mellon University. Contact:

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