Vivek S. Agrawal

Vivek S Agrawal
About Vivek S. Agrawal Vivek S. Agrawal is a qualified medical doctor who decided to turn his passion of working for the disadvantaged sections of society into his profession. Through the Centre for Development Communication, an NGO of which he is Trustee Secretary, he has been instrumental in introducing micro-entrepreneur based model of decentralized municipal solid waste management in India. What started as a pilot project in 1994, has blossomed into over 35 full-scale integrated MSWM projects all over the country, covering every possible terrains, project size, demography and scale. With his guidance, CDC has also designed and developed several innovative vehicles and equipment to suit local Indian conditions and environment. CDC’s forays into various MSWM projects have been globally recognized, with the UN Habitat Scroll of Honor Award in 2004, UN Habitat Best Practices in Urban Sector Award in 2007 and 2010, besides several national level recognitions. Dr. Agrawal has been Chair, Technical Working Group on Collection and Transportation of Waste, constituted by International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) from year 2014 till 2018, India representative to ISWA and Chairman, Institute of Chartered Waste Managers. He is also the President of Rajasthan Voluntary Health Association and on the Executive Board of Voluntary Health Association of India. Dr Vivek S. Agrawal is Founder of Very innovative surplus food management organisation ; Annakshetra Foundation, which has recovered and redistributed over 30 million meals since inception in November 2010. Dr. Agrawal has also authored and presented various research papers and articles for renowned international publications. He also serves on the Board of Directors of several corporates.

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