855 E Hybrid Cuts Emissions at Waste & Recycling Yards

New Hybrid Material Handler from SENNEBOGEN Targets Waste & Scrap Industry

German plant equipment manufacturer, SENNEBOGEN, is adding a new variant to its product portfolio, the new 855 E Hybrid material handler with an energy recovery system.


German plant equipment manufacturer, SENNEBOGEN, is adding a new variant to its product portfolio, the new 855 E Hybrid material handler with an energy recovery system.

According to the company the product fits between the existing 850 E and the 860 E. This new addition will enable the it to respond more effectively to individual customer requirements in future and will ensure that the right machine can be designed to overcome any challenge in the fields of scrap and port handling.

SENNEBOGEN also said that with its energy recovery system, will enable customers to able to choose between the 850 E, the 855 E Hybrid, and the 860 E Hybrid, depending on their performance and application priorities.

The new 855 E Hybrid machine generation is driven by a powerful 231 kW diesel engine complying with Tier 5 emission standards, including automatic idle stop and EcoMode. 

A Tier 3a version with 224 kW and an electric motor are also available. As satisfied existing customers preferred increased lifting capacities and a greater range, this was taken into account with the equipment lengths of 17 m to 21 m. Even with the longest equipment, the powerful, robust machine can still provide a lifting capacity of 7.7 t while remaining within safety limits.

Green Hybrid system: Increased power with energy savings of up to 30%
SENNEBOGEN explained that in any situation where material is handled in continuous operation and the height of the equipment needs to be changed accordingly, the Green Hybrid system not only provides power assistance but also means that much less drive power is required from the diesel engine.

This is said to result in systematic fuel cost savings. The system's reliability and safety is claimed to have been proven in customer use across the globe.

An energy recovery cylinder mounted on the boom in between the two hoist cylinders offsets the weight of the boom in its function, significantly reducing energy costs by up to 30%.

This additional hydraulic cylinder stores the energy produced when the boom is lowered, in compressed gas cylinders placed in the rear of the machine. This accumulated energy is then available for the next lift. The principle is similar to a spring being compressed and then releasing its energy when it is allowed to expand. Together with the Green Efficiency technology, maximum energy efficiency is said to be achieved.

Maximum comfort and ideal overview – modern Maxcab in series production

Driver Comfort
According to SENNEBOGEN, its E-series machines offer drivers a comfortable work space with an ideal overview from the cab, which can be elevated as standard. And with the new version of the Maxcab, launched in mid-2017, the cab itself is now 70 mm longer.

The company added that new cab is the result of two decades of development, from the launch of the original Maxicab – including the repositioned air outlets to armored glass, optimised sound insulation and the specially developed SENNEBOGEN joystick. 

With additional cab variants from the Maxcab range to the spacious Mastercab, the machines can be adapted to the needs of the customer more flexibly than ever before. 

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