600 TDP Plant to Replace Existing Energy from Waste Facility : $277m Waste to Energy Order for MHIEC in Kawasaki, Japan

Japan waste to energy MHIEC kawasaki japan

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Environmental & Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd. (MHIEC) has received an order from Kawasaki City to replace the Tachibana Waste to Energy (WtE) Plant.

MHIEC explained that the plant will process around 600 tonnes per day of municipal solid waste in Kawasaki's Takatsu District.

The existing facility will be rebuilt as a stoker type incinerator with a total waste treatment capacity of 600 tonnes per day (tpd).

The order is a joint venture project with Taisei Corporation, and is valued at 29.8 billion yen ($277 million). Completion is scheduled for September 2023.

The Tachibana WtE Plant had operated for around 40 years, but the facilities have aged and the incineration plant ceased operations in March 2015. The WtE Plant subsequently closed in 2016.

The current facilities will be dismantled and removed, and construction will begin on the new center. The new MSW incineration plant will comprise three stoker type incinerators, each with a capacity of 200 tpd, as well as other related equipment.

MHIEC acquired MHI's waste treatment plant business in 2008, incorporating MHI's environmental protection systems technology, as well as its expertise in the construction and operation of waste management facilities in Japan and overseas. The company added that it will pursue further waste to energy orders.