Kemetco Produces High Quality Nickel-Cobalt Hydroxide : American Manganese Recycling Tests on Tier-One Lithium-ion Battery Materials

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Lithium-Ion battery recycling technology developer, American Manganese, has received initial results from Kemetco Research regarding the recycling tests of battery material received from tier-one companies.

The company explained that with respect to its confidentiality agreement with the tier-one companies, they are referred to as Company A and Company B.

The work initiated with laboratory studies to determine the optimum conditions to operate a larger scale pilot run to produce larger quantities of material for customer evaluation. Based on the initial laboratory tests nickel-cobalt hydroxide was successfully produced from the as-received cathode scraps.

Recycled samples from Company A reported a recovery of 88.75% for Cobalt and 84.12% for Nickel using the RecycLiCoTM patented process. This material was received as long fine strips and past experience has shown the recoveries can be improved with a different size of shredding enhance separation of the active material from the aluminium foil. This sizing is proprietary to American Manganese which the company will advise to the tier-one companies.

“We have produced high-quality nickel-cobalt hydroxide (see photo) from our initial tests of tier-one NCA cathode scrap and are optimizing the conditions for a production run of a larger quantity of material for customer testing, which we are proceeding,” said Norm Chow of Kemetco Research.

On the completion of sample lithium-ion battery material from Company A, American Manganese will report on Company B as results are received.

“Lithium-ion batteries for tier-one companies have a high standard for quality and Kemetco is doing an excellent job ensuring that we produce tier-one recycled lithium-ion battery cathode materials,” added Larry Reaugh, President and CEO of American Manganese.

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