Recycling Firms Adapting Quickly to China’s National Sword : Better Quality Recycling Key to Protecting Recovered Material Markets

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The Recycling Association, which represents 80 UK organisations producing more than 5 million tonnes of recyclate each year, has called for an increase in the quality of the materials being produced but noted that producers have been able to adapt quickly following China’s Sword policy.

The organisaton encouraged visitors to RWM 2018 to visit its stand to ensure they have a true understanding of the steps they can take to improve material quality.

Simon Ellin, CEO of The Recycling Association, said that doing so will protect material markets both at home and abroad in what continues to be turbulent times:

"We have spent the last two years very vociferously campaigning for quality recycling," said Simon Ellin.

"We have encouraged our members, and indeed anyone involved in UK recycling, to raise their quality game.

"We foresaw what was going on in China and warned operators that only those that produced a quality material would remain viable.

"Now we are seeing other markets follow suit. And it's not limited to those in Asia.

"Many UK recyclers have proved that they can adapt quickly and put in place systems that are able to deliver very high quality materials.

"We've put a lot of effort into promoting that capability, and the message has been well received worldwide.

"Certainly, the UK is seen to be a supplier of premium recovered materials, which puts our industry in a good place. Quality material will still find a market.

"Furthermore, as the retail and packaging sector look to incorporate more recycled content into packaging and review design for recyclability, the market should improve."

Since its launch in 2016, The Recycling Association's Quality First campaign has become a central focus for improving quality outcomes across all aspects of the UK's recycling supply chain.

RWM 2018 visitors are invited to review the newly published Quality First Report which is being launched at the exhibition. The report explains the achievements of the campaign over the last year and outlines its future, short-term objectives.

Simon Ellin will also be discussing quality on several panel debates during RWM 2018. For full programme details can be found HERE

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