Waste Solution : Binova Group pellets eliminate waste odours in bins

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Smelly waste bins could become a thing of the past should Binova Group have the final say on the matter.

The Tennessee based waste innovator claims to have built the ‘first-ever gravity powered odour control unit’ for the solid waste management sector.

Tyler Smith, director for product innovation at Binova, said that the ZEROdor unit was built to eliminate odour generated from solid waste after requests to that effect came pouring in from clients.

The solution to the problem consists of small pellets (‘ZEROdor granules’) made from a dry clay base that eliminate bad smells and absorb moisture. (Generally speaking, high humidity encourages microbe growth, which is directly responsible for the gaseous odour generated by solid waste.)

When one of Binova’s bespoke bins is in the inverted position while being emptied, a measured amount of ZEROdor granules is essentially emptied out into the waste container. The action is self-generative and requires no further power source.

The dispenser containing these pellets has to be refilled 3-4 times a year.

In most western countries, solid waste management has served to render the disposal process safe, yet odour still presents an issue. Smells on their own are mostly harmless yet they can serve to attract rodents such as rats as well as flies, known for being potential disease carriers.

Certain concentrations of odour molecules can make you feel sick, symptoms including shortness of breath, headaches and eye irritation.

Examples for particularly putrescent chemicals are hydrogen sulfide, methanethiol, putrescine, trimethylamine, ammonia and acetic acid.

Hosing down a bin with warm water and bleach or employing a bin cleaning service to eliminate garbage generated smells represent the usual options prior to the incursion of Binova into the field.