Waste Processing : BRT Hartner BB streamlines bale breaking process

bale breaker shredder waste processing
© Eggersmann

The BRT Hartner BB improves on the plastic bale breaking process.

As plastics undergo numerous sorting and processing operations, efficient transport across long distances as well as convenient storage becomes a necessity. To adjust to those needs, waste is generally condensed and packed into easy to handle bales. In order to efficiently break up said bales, a bale breaking machine is used.

The BRT Hartner BB is just such a machine. It can be used to handle PET-bottles, residual waste, plastic containers as well as waste paper, amongst other items.

The machine consists of a bale breaking unit, which comes fitted with a slow running drum and and a down-holding device sporting pneumatic return springs as well as bunker. The comb of the down-holding device as well as the drum serve to break up and unravel compressed waste.

Noteworthy about the BRT Hartner BB is that it does not crush hard-pressed bales but loosens them. This in turn ensures that materials remain undamaged prior to processing for recycling purposes, further guaranteeing effective material sorting.

The BRT Hartner BB also improves on the bale opening process via its previously mentioned bunker.

Said bunker contains a conveyor, which serves to move balled up waste towards the bale breaking unit. The floor conveyor sports a smooth surface, optimal for letting bales slip in front of the rotating drum. The steady, efficient motion generated as such helps prevent blockages. The machine’s DYNAM floor-system further encourages the uniform, steady motion of the bales, thereby ensuring even and continuous material discharge. Continuity of motion is further enhanced by the use of sensors which can be set to monitor drum or moving floor speed as well as by the use of a frequency conductor which serves to evaluate and control the total volume of waste discharged at a given time.

The use of plug-in walls, that is, individual wall elements that can be added or removed to the BRT Hartner BB, are another advantage. The customization element allows for the feeding of bales from any side, ranging from the rear end to the longitudinal sides.

A low price point as well as minimal operating costs coupled with a total power consumption well under 25kW elevates the BRT Hartner BB above other shredders.