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Ecomondo : Circular economy passed through Rimini

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The road to ecological transition has been plotted and passes through Rimini, where Ecomondo and Key Energy, Italian Exhibition Group’stwo shows dedicated to the circular economy and renewable energies, closed today with results far beyond the most optimistic forecasts. Almost 85% of attendance compared to the last pre-covid edition, more than 1,080 brands exhibiting throughout the Expo Centre covering 90% of the area, 500 hours of conferences and seminars and the tenth anniversary of the States General of the Green Economy , are numbers that confirm how the urge towards ecological transition also passes through these two historical Rimini events. A place for debate and, above all, business for a community of companies, institutions, bodies and organisations that, in Rimini Expo Centre's halls, discussed the prominent issues on the agendas of all governments today, particularly in view of the opportunities offered by the NRRP on the eve of a such a fundamental political appointment as COP26 in Glasgow. Italian government participation was also important and qualified, as was the aegis of the European Commission, underlining the importance that these events have assumed over the years as a point of reference both in the Mediterranean area and for top-level European institutions involved in policy, research and innovation within the sectors concerned.

Circular bio-economy, water resources, waste treatment and digitisation processes that bring the green economy within the scope of Industry 4.0 were among the most interesting new developments in the sector at this 2021 edition. Companies working on processes and monitoring are the link between waste material collection and second raw materials. Bio-energies and photovoltaics have grown, also in terms of business generated at the exhibition, as has the entire smart lighting sector in cities linked to efficiency and safety. SAL.VE, the biennial ecological vehicle exhibition, grouped together under one roof chassis builders, urban hygiene vehicle fitters and equipment for waste collection with hybrid or full electric powered vehicles. From mechanical presses to 3D printers powered by bio-plastics, industry and start-ups were explored by qualified and business-oriented operators, turning the two shows into green business events. There was also an increase in the percentage of stands set up with sustainable materials obtained from recycled furniture wood or other building materials, from panels to tiles.

With the events at Ecomondo - organised by the Scientific Committee headed by Professor Fabio Fava - a detailed analysis was carried out on the theme of environmental regeneration, in line with the recommendations of the European Green Deal. Thanks to "beacon conferences", actions were identified that could enable a systemic and inclusive regeneration of our manufacturing, our cities, our natural heritage, soil, water and seas, for a prompt economic, environmental and social recovery of the country together with Europe and the Mediterranean area.

In the inaugural session of Key Energy , a study prepared for the event by Milan Polytechnic’s Energy Strategy Group, examined the opportunities linked to the NRRP, particularly in terms of economy and employment: there is talk of more than 64 billion euros in additional revenues, as well as 132 thousand more jobs. Furthermore, at the conferences organised by the Scientific Committee headed by Gianni Silvestrini, new developments, from offshore wind to agro-photovoltaics, from energy communities to hydrogen and climate strategies, as well as the first interesting results on the Superbonus and electric mobility front were discussed.

Event 2022: CDEPE - Chengdu International Environmental Protection Expo powered by Ecomondo, the largest green technology exhibition in the western Chinese market, to be held from 20th to 22nd May in Chengdu)