VIDEO: 69 Year Old Mike Myer Brings Recycling to Life : Community Project in Florida Promoting Recycling & Reuse

Mike Myers, co-founder of The Repurpose Project, explains how the project goes about diverting waste from landfill and into reuse in Alachua County, Florida.

Relying primarily on community donations, the organisation repurposes garbage for future use. Mike's personal mission, to spread the reuse principles of The Repurpose Project, is a struggle of passion for the 69 year old man.

Alachua County ships approximately 80-120 tons of garbage a day through Leveda Brown Environmental Park, a bulk recycling plant which doubles as a packaging station for landfills in other counties.

Standard recycling helps the environment, but as Myers explains, inevitably many raw materials that can have immediate use are lost to the garbage cycle.

Watch the full video below

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