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Advertorial : Cyrus Solutions for better Scrap Processing Results



In 2020, a company producing steel pellets out of scrap, salvaged from refuse, was looking to improve material purity. The steel scrap entering their electric arc-furnace often contained contaminants, causing damage to the furnace and requiring additives to enhance the final product.

The Cyrus team, having extensive experience in the scrap processing industry, knew that they could provide a solution that would improve the overall process. Strategically placing better screens and feeders would considerably affect the quality of the company’s end product.


A new feeder would be placed at the beginning of the process, where the crane loads material to the line. The feeder better distributes the unprocessed materials for more efficient screening and even treatment throughout the remainder of the process. The new CYRUS screen was then placed after the feeder to remove dirt, plastic scraps, and other pollutants. The new screen includes lamella cartridges that nearly eliminates all clogging of screen media, allowing for increased capacity of scrap cleaning and higher efficiency and purity of cleaned scrap. Finally, a feeder was placed at the discharge of the screen to evenly distribute materials at <30 mm - <25 mm for further processing.


The CYRUS additions harmonized the different scrap resources, increasing scrap purity and optimize melting processes. The customer saw the improved quality of the end product, reduced downtime caused by screen blockages, and the damage caused by poor material purity is no longer an issue. The customer is happy with the improvements and plans to implement the same process throughout their locations.

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