EMBRACED Consortium Upgrades Nappy Recycling Capabilities : Dirty Diaper Recycling Project Brings Nappies into the Circular Economy

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Italian consumer goods firm, Fater, has upgraded the recycling technology it has developed to sanitize, separate and recycle used nappies.

The company, a Joint Venture of P&G and Gruppo Angelini, explained that the EMBRACED project brings a consortium of 13 partners together to create the capability to recycle cellulose from used diapers into bio-products in a way that creates value.

The consortium is an EU-funded initiative that promotes the recycling of absorbent hygiene products, and create ways how to transform into higher value materials such as fertilizers and bio plastics.

It has received funding from the European Union (Bio Based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU) under Horizon 2020) to realize in the Netherlands with the partner AEB Amsterdam a highly innovative project that helps progress in circular economy.

"Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU) has been created to help develop a sustainable and competitive bio-based industry in Europe,” explained Philippe Mengal, Bio Based Industries JU Executive Director. “We firmly believe in the capacity of our European industries to play a leading role in this sector."

Giovanni Teodorani Fabbri – Fater AHP Recycling General Manager added: “At Fater, we strongly believe in the potential of the circular economy of diapers recycling, as testified by several awards received in Italy and by the support of the European Commission.”

“We started with diaper recycling in 2015, and EMBRACED represents a significant step forward, further encouraging us in our commitment to circular economy and in the development of a new venture that will start with the upgraded technology at our plant in Treviso, in collaboration with our partner Contarina,” he continued

Roberto Marinucci, P&G Vice President Baby Care Wipes and Sustainability and Member of the Fater Executive Committee commented:

“P&G believe that diaper recycling is good for our consumers, good for the planet and good for business. It fits with our vision on zero waste. As a company committed to doing the right thing, we are taking leadership in this project.”

“I am confident this project will help demonstrate how bio-based solutions can become a concrete reality in every-day life of EU citizens,” he concluded.

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