Waste to energy : Enexor to Convert U.S. Navy Organic Waste Into Energy

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As part of this contract, Enexor will demonstrate how it can convert representative waste streams, covering all naval installations and vessels, into clean power and thermal energy. The energy will be used to power Enexor’s manufacturing facility in Franklin with the goal of then deploying Enexor’s system to U.S. Naval facilities around the world.

“We are honored to help the U.S. Navy and the Department of Defense reach their energy resiliency and organic waste diversion goals,” Enexor CEO Lee Jestings said. “Our Bio-CHP systems are modular and can easily be transported by ships, trucks and cargo planes to be rapidly deployed anywhere in the world. The systems will improve energy resiliency while improving the environment in the communities where our service members live.”

Enexor manufactures an on-site, renewable energy solution. The company’s patented Bio-CHP system converts almost any organic, plastic or biomass waste, in any combination, into renewable power and thermal energy.

Partnering with the U.S. military is an extension of Enexor’s global roll-out strategy – placing its renewable energy solutions in the geographies where they are needed most. Enclosed within a 20-foot custom shipping container, Enexor’s Bio-CHP systems are designed to be deployable next to a retail store in the United States, hurricane-exposed areas in the Caribbean or a village in Africa.