Packaging Solution : Ferrero pilots sustainable packaging

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Ferrero has developed a paper-based packaging material for its confectionary range in Italy.

Said new material will be rolled out in 2022 primarily for the confectionary brand’s Kinder Bakery range, specifically for products such as Kinder Délice and Kinder Brioss.

The new packaging features an innovative method of wrapping Kinder Bakery products using paper film, suitable for recycling in the country’s paper stream.

Should the launch prove successful, Ferrero plans to introduce its flexible packaging alternative to its entire bakery products portfolio in Italy.

Ferrero has also- in tandem with upstream suppliers-developed a thinner outer packaging material for its signature chocolate bar, Kinder Bueno. The new flexible outer packaging for said product is 20% thinner than conventional packaging films.

The adoption of this new material will slash material packaging need by 550 tonnes, thereby eliminating an associated 1,450 tonnes of carbon emissions generated during the production process.

The Ferrero Group has committed itself to making 100% of its packaging reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025.

In its efforts to support a circular economy model, the chocolate manufacturer joined digital watermarks project HolyGrail 2.0 as associate partner., a project facilitated by the European Brands Association (AIM) which connects over 85 companies seeking to achieve flexible plastic circularity. The initiative hopes to implement advanced technologies to improve waste sorting, thereby rendering recycling across the EU more efficient as well as accurate.

Ferrero also recently signed the CGF’s Plastic Waste Coalition’s ‘Golden Design Rules’, a set of guidelines meant to improve overall plastic recyclability. (Specifically, these relate to getting rid of problematic materials, colours and labels in packaging, eliminating unnecessary headspace in flexible packaging types as well as to creating clear and accurate recycling instructions.)

Fabio Mora, Global Packaging Director of the Ferrero Group said: “The new thinner Kinder Bueno packaging material and paper-based Kinder bakery trial further demonstrate our ambition to accelerate sustainable innovation and to drive circular solutions. We look forward to sharing further updates on our progress soon.”