VIDEO: Home Digesters Produce Two Hours Cooking Gas from Waste per Day : Israeli Domestic Biogas Kit Hits Crowd-Fund Target in 24hrs

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An Israeli crowd-funding project to produce a domestic scale biogas digester able to produce enough gas for two hours cooking per day has reached its $100,000 goal on its first day.

In an effort to provide safe and efficient energy to both rural and urban homes, Tel Aviv based HomeBiogasLTD said that it has created a self-assembled biogas system that turns kitchen waste and livestock manure into usable cooking gas and liquid fertiliser.

Optimised for on and off grid urban and rural families, the system is claimed to produce clean cooking gas for three meals and 10 liters of clean natural liquid fertiliser per day.

According to the developer, as an outdoor biological system HomeBiogas kits are easy to transport and fast to set up, user friendly, and able to significantly reducing dangerous greenhouse gas emissions and pollutants entering our groundwater. The company claimed that using one system could offset a car’s annual carbon emissions.

The system, which has been CE certified for safety, has also been tested and approved for safety and health by the Israeli Ministry Of Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure.

Reduced indoor air pollution

According to HomeBiogas the system also has many health and productivity benefits for families in rural areas. It noted the 2012 WHO Report which found that some 4.3 million women and children die every year from indoor air pollution due to smoke of open cooking fires.

It said that cooking and heating with HomeBiogas reduces deaths and respiratory diseases of women and children as it eliminates the need to use open fires.

The system was also said to saves labour too as families do not need to spend hours collecting and carrying heavy firewood loads every day.

“Our goal at HomeBiogas is to make this system available to everyone, whether you live in a rural area or are an urbanite with a modern kitchen,” said Oshik Efrati, CEO of HomeBiogas.”

“Our system eliminates waste, makes clean gas, and puts an end to breathing in cooking smoke. If everyone owned a HomeBiogas unit, our world would be much cleaner, safer, and greener,” Efrati added.

The company said that so far over 150 units have been in operation in undeveloped communities for over a year and it has been involved with a number of international organisations during this development stage. A video looking at one such project with the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies can be viewed below.

HomeBiogas has now launched a 30 day Indiegogo campaign where contributors can receive discounts on the first retail models to hit the market. The campaign can be found HERE

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