New Waste Sorting Equipment Installed at Récupération Mauricie MRF : Machinex Upgrades Canadian Recycling Facility with Optical Sorters

Machinex recycling Récupération Mauricie MRF optical sorting ballistic seperator
© Machinex

Canadian recycling equipment manufacturer, Machinex, has completed an upgraded at the Récupération Mauricie material recycling facility near Trois-Rivières, Province of Quebec.

According to the company the work has increased the system’s efficiency and the quality of the sorted material with the installation of new equipment including a ballistic separator to separate packaging from mixed paper.

Additionally two new optical sorting units have been installed. One sort contaminants out from mixed paper while the other separates plastics into three categories: PET, HDPE and mixed.

The OCC separator has been replaced by a new generation model which reduces the wrapping of the plastics around the components.

Most of the glass fragments are removed at the beginning of the sorting line, thanks to the addition of a glass separator, while an Eddy current separator build by Machinex removes the can of aluminum.

"We are very proud to have realized this project of modernization at Recuperation Mauricie, because it is a long- time customer for Machinex with whom we built a relationship of trust. The added high technologies will allow Récupération Mauricie to increase its productivity, but especially to improve the quality of its products,” said Pierre Paré, CEO of Machinex.

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