Waste Processing : Metso launches FineShredder F320

© Metso

With its ‘M&J F320’, Metso aims to render waste shredding more energy efficient without compromising on performance.

The flagship model of the company’s new FineShredder series, the M&J F320 is used to process recyclable material but is particularly suited for the production of RDF and SRF- that is, clean, energy efficient fuels made from waste materials.

Metso’s product range

Waste shredding manufacturer Metso currently produces a range of pre-shredders and fine-shredders.

Pre-shredders serve as the preliminary step, prior to actual waste processing within a shredding system. They prepare everything ranging from municipal solid waste to biomass and industrial waste, ensuring that unsuitable material is sorted out whilst ensuring that the material can be optimally processed further along the line.

Within a multi-stage waste processing system, fine-shredders represent the next step after pre-shredders. They reduce pre-processed waste into smaller, ‘finer’ units of a specific shape and size. As such, it’s a key technology for preparing waste for recycling as well as for further processing into fuel for energy.

Energy Efficiency and Optimal Design

Compared to other fine waste shredders on the market, the M&J F320 comes with several distinct advantages.

Low operating energy costs are one of them. The reason as to why the model trumps other waste shredders by as much as 20% when it comes to energy efficiency has to do with its design. The M&J F320 comes equipped with a unique cutting system. Said system requires minimal adjustment, unlike those of rival shredders-after the initial set up or after a change of knife holders, no further maintenance is needed. Molten plastic does not hinder operation either as the M&J F320 generates a limited amount of heat.

Well-thought out design also serves to enhance the M&J F320's day to day serviceability. Its modular design provides service teams with easy access from all sides, rendering the replacement of parts prone to wear easy. As such, the knife blocks themselves have been designed with ease of replacement in mind. These considerations help reduce maintenance time by up to two thirds in comparison to competitors. They also ensure a higher production yield and significant running cost benefits.

Morten Kiil Rasmussen, Commercial Director of Metso Outotec Waste Recycling, said: “The M&J F320 is the flagship of our new FineShred series. It delivers towering capacity and is extremely energy efficient. At the same time, you get thoroughly tested quality and a well-thought-out construction that makes servicing and maintenance easier than ever. It will set a new industry standard in the production of alternative fuels like RDF/SRF.”