Multistar One for Sorting Shredded Biomass : New Mobile Waste Wood Screen from Komptech

Komptech multistar one shredding wood waste biomass biofuel
© Komptech

Austrian shredding equipment manufacturer, Komptech, has launched the new Multistar One star screen for the treatment of waste wood and biomass.

The company explained that once an upstream Crambo or Terminator has shredded the material the new Multistar One separates out a defined useful fraction while returning over-length particles to the shredder.

Screening as the final processing step is becoming increasingly important in the treatment of almost all kinds of raw materials.

According to Komptech this is particularly evident in preparing secondary raw materials and biogenic residuals for uses such as biomass, compost or solid fermentation feedstock. Whether for high quality fertiliser or high quality fuel, product requirements have become steadily more demanding in recent years.

The company added that sorting of feedstocks is crucial for the quality of secondary raw materials, but biodegradable waste in particular suffers from increasing amounts of contraries and contaminants, like plastic bags, metal and rocks. These complicate processing immensely, making effective screening that much more critical.

With a feed hopper for precise material transfer to the generously dimensioned screen deck, a discharge conveyor with four metre cone height and a return conveyor that can pivot through 220°, the new machine is said to provide a throughput of up to 200 cubic metres per hour.

The Multistar mobile star screens can split biomass into up to three fractions in one pass, while at the same time breaking up clumps.

Further, the company said that the operator can change the grain size of the fractions within seconds from the control panel.

The machines are said to be easy to operate and feature an efficient electric drive with power from a diesel generator or directly from the grid, and is available with additional options such as wind sifter, magnet and rock trap.

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