Renewable Content Increasing for Compostable Plastics : Novamont Blind Testing 3rd & 4th Generation Compostable Plastic Bags

Novamont compostable plastic bioplastic plastic bag mater-bi
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Italian biotech firm, Novamont, is conducting blind tests on compostable fruit and vegetable bags made from the new third and fourth generations of its Mater-Bi biodegradable plastic in several European supermarket chains.

The company explained in number of European markets demand for compostable solutions is growing as a result of new national legislations restricting the use of traditional single use plastic bags.

For instance, Novamont noted that all plastic fruit and vegetable bags for self-service in French supermarkets will have to be "home compostable" – i.e. able to be disposed of together with household food waste and sent for composting. There is also a requisite to increase the renewable component (minimum 30% in the first year to rise gradually to 50% by 2020 and to 60% by 2025).

The company said that its fourth generation Mater-Bi compostable plastic is expected to be available from September this year when its Mater-Biotech plant in Bottrighe (Rovigo, Veneto) opens for production, and will offer a renewable content well over 50%.

According to the company its new generations of compostable plastics offer maximum transparency, tear and breakage resistance and are breathable.

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