FOR Solutions’ Model 500 Aerobic Composter to Treat Food Scraps in 5 Days : On-Site Food Waste Composter for Vocational School in New Jersey

FOR Solutions compost food waste Union County Vocational Technical Schools
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Newton, New Jersey based commercial-scale composting solutions developer, FOR Solutions, has installed its Model 500 Composting System at the Union County Vocational Technical Schools.

FOR Solutions’ technology uses and aerobic in-vessel rotary drum composting system intended to facilitate on-site or local recovery and composting of discarded uneaten food. Its standard systems are designed to process between 2500 lbs and 40,000 lbs (1130 to 18,150 kg) of discarded uneaten food per week in a process that requires just 5 days.

The company said that the deal will help the school’s sustainability efforts and divert uneaten food generated on campus from landfill, recycling it into a nutrient-dense, high-quality compost.

Union County Vocational Technical Schools provides students with hands-on vocational experiences as part of their education. The FOR Solutions Model 500 Composting System is the latest on-campus initiative to provide experiential education to students at the UCVTS.

The systems includes an aerobic in-vessel rotary drum digester which the manufacturer said epitomiaes sustainable materials management by recycling uneaten food into high-quality compost in just five days in a virtually odorless process that requires no supplemental heat or enzymes.

FOR Solutions explained that its composters are optimised for large institutions such as colleges and universities, correctional facilities, municipalities, shopping mall food courts, hospitals, K-12 schools and school districts, and mid- to-large size businesses that currently send large amounts of uneaten food to landfills or incinerators. The Model 500 Composting System processes 500 pounds of uneaten food per weekday.

“FOR Solutions congratulates Union County Vocational Technical School for its innovative approach to sustainability,” said FOR Solutions Founder Nicholas Smith-Sebasto.

“We are delighted to partner with UCVTS to help change the way the schools manage their uneaten food. UCVTS joins a growing list of other generators of uneaten food who are making FOR Solutions Composting Systems the centerpiece of their food recycling efforts,” he continued.

Pete Capodice, Superintendent of Union County Vocational Technical Schools added: “The partnership with FOR Solutions is of particular interest to the School of Sustainable Sciences, which puts into practice project- and problem-based learning, solving real world problems with sustainable solutions.”

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