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IFAT : Panizzolo Recycling Systems: Towards the future of the scrap sector

Recycling System of Panizzolo

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On the one hand, attention to the environment, on the other, the optimization of production and cost containment, which is the ideal combination to which those involved in waste treatment services must aim. In the case of Panizzolo Recycling Systems from Padua, we are talking about recycling metal waste: we do it with Mauro Panizzolo, owner and technical manager. «Our recycling solutions - explains Mauro Panizzolo - start from a completely customer-oriented approach. We have based our mission and vision on producing efficient, flexible and innovative solutions to maximize the return on the customer's investment. We provide the right options for developing your business, without forgetting that we are also a valuable ally for the environment. In particular, the purpose of our plants is the treatment and recovery of all waste containing metals such as copper, aluminum, brass, steel and iron to transform them from waste into resources to be reintroduced into the production cycle ».

If customer satisfaction is the priority, to achieve it you need to provide the appropriate machinery to maximize business performance. «Compared to other competitors» underlines Mauro Panizzolo «We have chosen to specialize in only one sector, that of waste with metals. There is good job potential and we are opening up to new markets, but we always keep our feet on the ground. What is fundamental for us is to provide our customers with solutions that are able to concretely improve their work. In fact, I think that achieving the objectives together with the customer is one of the things that gives us the most satisfaction. For us, a satisfied customer means a customer who is doing a good business with our systems».

Since its birth Panizzolo Recycling Systems has expanded the range of action from Italy to countries such as China, Korea, Africa and North Africa, Australia, South America. The positive trend started in 2014, with a fairly straight line. Since 2018, the straight line has become a vertical hyperbole, recording increases in turnover of +25, +30, + 40% per year. For this reason Panizzolo has been carrying out important investments internally this year: training projects for staff, structuring of roles and company processes, introduction of new equipment and the opening of a third and new location dedicated to the warehouse and service. In addition to this, another plus that confirms Panizzolo as a customer-oriented company is the investment in the creation of a real Academy, dedicated to customers who work with the company's machinery. «Also this year - explains Mauro Panizzolo - we will proceed with a series of investments dedicated to the renovation of the historic headquarters in Piove di Sacco. We will install new upgrades, we will renew the machinery and, at the same time, we will improve the general appearance so as to make it a perfect showcase and a test area for companies evaluating the purchase of our systems ».

«We have very clear ideas on what the next markets will be in which to intervene. At the same time we are intervening to structure ourselves consistently. What I want is that all our customers are well served in the area, especially for after-sales activities».

This year Panizzolo Recycling Systems will be at IFAT with a completely renovated stand, presenting itself with a more industrial perspective and a more international vision and aesthetics, in line with its strategic needs. Visit us at Hall B6 - Stand 223/322. Book an appointment with us to get your free entrance to the fair. Let’s meet at IFAT 2022 and find out how to increase your business with Panizzolo Recycling Solutions!