Waste Processing : RGS Nordic relies on Lindner shredders to treat mixed waste

© Lindner

The Denmark based waste management company is set to expand its existing range of waste shredders.

Supplied by Austrian family firm Lindner, a globally operating company that produces innovative waste processing solutions, RSG Nordic’s existing team of shredders includes several of the ‘Lindner Urraco’ type.

With RGS having ordered two more Lindner Urraco’s, the company now owns 10 shredders of the self-same range, 6 being of the 95 DK type and 4 being of the 75D range.

The Urracco 95 is characterized by its powerful engine as well as its bespoke twin-shaft cutting system, which allows for the efficient shredding of difficult materials such as railroad ties and light scrap metal. The shafts in question are fitted to adapt to whatever material is being fed to the machine. The engine offers aggressive material intake and processing capabilities whilst being energy-efficient, proving an environmentally sustainable choice for companies seeking to lessen their ecological footprint.

The Urracco 75 has the same advantages with regards to the efficient shredding of difficult materials, the major difference being its compact size, which allows for maximum mobility.

RGS Nordic’s choice in mobile shredders makes sense when one stoops to consider the particular needs of the largest Scandinavian waste management company.

Recovering more than 4,8 million tonnes of waste and soil at 28 sites across Sweden and Denmark, the company is responsible for processing a mix of solid waste, including municipal, industrial, construction and bulky waste as well as biowaste in the form of green cuttings and waste wood. Upon shredding, said municipal solid waste volume is selectively recycled, composted or converted to energy in the form of heat and electricity.

According to Jan Glerup, Managing Director at RGS Nordic, the value of the Lindner Urracco’s to the company’s entire operation stems from the shredders capability of dealing with a range of materials without any perceived hick-ups.

“We looked at several machines from different manufacturers. But there are two things that made us choose the Urracos. Firstly, we process a lot of different materials in large quantities. Everything from green cuttings to mattresses to mixed construction waste, which can be very diverse itself. What we need are machines that can be used flexibly without major retooling. Machines that can handle even tough materials without any issues and deal with occasional non-shreddables without any major damage. That’s also incredibly helpful during peak times. When times get tough, we can simply reassign one of the Urracos and be ready for action at the push of a button. Secondly, our facilities need to operate at all times. We expect the machines to be robust, and the cleanly welded, solid twin-shaft system has proven to be just that. But it is at least equally important for us to have easy access to rapid service support and Lindner’s after-sales team and our regional contact, Komi Contractor Supply (KCS), have an impressive client-centred approach. We recently commissioned the nineth and tenth Lindner Urraco. I think that says it all.“