New Waste Management Law : Saudi Arabia: Prison sentence for improper handling waste

Averda waste recycling sweeping Riyadh saudi arabia

In an effort to minimise or eliminate the uncontrolled dispersal of waste materials, Saudi Arabia has introduced a new waste management law. Offenders now face a maximum of 10 years in prison and/or a fine not exceeding SR 30 million. The fine will be doubled if the violation is repeated. The law punishes those found guilty of storing, incinerating, treating, dumping or disposing waste in a way that poses a threat to public health or damage to the environment.

The new regulations prohibit leaving, burying, burning, dumping or throwing all kinds of waste in places other than those designated for it. Also only those who have obtained a license from the National Center for Waste Management are allowed to practice any activity related to waste management. The new law also aims to reduce the generation of waste and promote or mandate waste recycling.