Push Floor & Storage Systems for 30 MW of Wood Waste to Energy Plants : Saxlund Delivers Fuel Handling Tech at 3 Wood Waste Gasification Plants in UK

Saxlund International waste to energy wood waste gasification walking floor
© Saxlund International

Southampton, UK based Saxlund International has installed bulk fuel handling technology and fuel storage facilities for three wood waste to energy plants currently under construction in Barry, Boston and Hull.

The company, which was selected by principal contractor Galliford Try Infrastructure in May 2016, is responsible for the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of similar fuel handling systems at each site. All three are being developed by renewable energy firm Biomass UK.

This includes Saxlund’s Push Floor reception and storage system, discharging into a conveying and screening system to feed fuel into twin gasifier bins at each site.

Each system will provide on-site buffer storage for approximately 600m3 of waste wood and is designed to discharge some 100,000 tonnes of fuel per annum.

According to Saxlund future proofing each site to take account of changing fuel characteristics has been a key focus and while each site is designed to work initially with wood chip the design will accommodate alternative fuel sources.

The fully automated Push Floor technology is based on ‘first in, first out’ principles, which the company said is specifically designed to limit the opportunity for the fuel to degrade or compact. This in turn ensures a resilient on demand process with discharge, conveying and weighing system, feeding the fuel to the gasifier feed bins.

Facts and Figures

With these three projects, which have a combined contract value of £2.6 million, Saxlund, said that it is now contracted to deliver 13 alternative fuel handling systems in the UK by the end of 2017.

The company claimed that this is over 50% of current UK projects in construction. This amount of construction involves vast quantities of equipment such as 1.5 km of Push Floors Ladders (if placed end to end) and the combined volume of push floors covering 10 tennis courts and storage areas of biomass/RDF totalling nearly 4 Olympic sized swimming pools.

With completion of the three wood waste gasification plants expected in the second half of 2017 the three plants will have a combined export capacity of 30MW to the national grid.

“As an approved supplier we have been involved from the earliest stages on pre-contract and design development to ensure highly resilient on demand fuel handling solutions for each site,” commented Matt Drew, managing director of Saxlund International.

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