2500kg per day AD Project to Generate 480 MWh/year : SEaB Food Waste Anaerobic Digestion Project at UC Davis

SEaB Energy anaerobic digestion UC davis food waste
© SEaB Energy

Southampton, UK based cleantech on-site anaerobic digestion technology firm, SEaB Energy, has been awarded a contract to supply the State of California Energy Commission with its waste to energy FLEXIBUSTER™ system as part of a four year research programme.

The company said that its ‘award winning’ technology will be part of a project exploring into sustainable energy generation from food waste.

With a focus on using biochemical conversion to convert food waste to energy, the project aims to “Demonstrate and Evaluate Environmentally and Economically Sustainable Food Waste Biomass-to-Electricity Systems”.

In a partnership with the University of California, Davis, SEaB Energy said that it will be installing a large FLEXIBUSTER at a US Naval Base in Ventura County in October 2017. The company added that the project also marks an expansion of its US operations to the West Coast, having already gained contract wins in the Midwest and East Coast regions.

The community-scale solution will process around 2500kg of mixed food waste that is no longer fit for human consumption, and which will be collected from local enterprises no further than 7 miles away, including severely disadvantaged communities each day.

The plant is expected to generate around 480 MWh/year of renewable electricity that will be used on the Naval base itself.

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